Antique Auction

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Fri 1/8/21 12:00pm to 7:00pm


Thu 1/9/20 10:30am

Antique Auction

Saturday January 9, 10:30 AM


This will be our First of the year Antique Auction for 2021. We will have a lot of fresh Estate items and quality items coming from a Private collections. This will be an Auction not to be missed! More information and photos will be posted soon.

The complete Auction can be viewed by following this link:

Items so far: Paintings,& Water color's Two paintings by Emilio Greco, (1913-1995), Both Flowers & Fruit,(25"h. x 22" & 34"h.x 47") 2 Paintings on wood. by Vivian Milner Akers, "Town Farm Meadow Brook" "Winter", Norway, Me.(8.25h. x 10") "Maine Farmhouse, Spring",(8"h.x 6") Landscape by Morris Katz, 1963,(16"h. x 19.5") Lg. Interior O/C, signed,(23"h. x 35.5") O/C by J.C. Miles, Landscape w/house,(11"h x 15.5"), Sm. O/C Ship Painting by Walter B. Steven, Small Primitive Ship's Painting on Board,(9.75"h. x 12"), Landscape O/B w/Person Fishing, by Owen Bowen,(13"h. x 18") 1901, O/C Ship painting by E.C. Clark, (12"h. x 16")O/c Landscape w/tent by a stream, by F.M. Tuttle, (8"h. x 17.5") Primitive Ship painting on board, signed (9.25"h. x 12") Watercolor by M.S. Metcalf, (8.75"h. x 11.75"), 6 Nutting Interior's, 2 Maxfield Parrish prints,  Bird's Eye view of Westborough, Mass. 1888, & Shirley, Mass. 1892, 2 Matted prints of Black Children, by W. Harlberg, 1880, Sm. Framed Ship's Diorama, Quality Clocks, Howards #1 thru # 5, Howard # 70 wall, Rare Harvard Clock Co. Marine shelf clock, Pat. Dec. 28, 1880, Tiffany & Co. French Marble shelf, Chelsea brass ships clock, Chelsea Ship's Bell w/attached Barometer,  Geo. Sam Tucker 1914 Presentation Banjo, W/Gold Gilt, & Eagle, Antique French Black Marble Mantle W/Gilt Bronze & 2 matching Candle-abras,   Jewelers Regulator, Postal Gallery clock, Silverton, London, 2 Vienna Regulators,(1 w/single weight & 1 w/double weight, 3 Crystal regulators, incl.2 Ansonia Crystal Regulators w/gold gilt, Open Escapement, 1 w/Champlave decoration, Seth Thomas  double dial, W/Rosewood veneer,Pat. 1878, Ithaca Office Double dial calendar, pat. 1866, Waltham library clock, Black Marble Mantle w/French works & Male bust, marked Superbia, Boston, French Figurals, Black Marble Mantle w/Bronze Bird, marked Philadelphia, 2 Atamatine Mantles w/Toppers, plus more,2 Steeples, I miniature,  RCA Victor Record Player w/brass horn, Columbia Graghophone Record Player w/lg. Horn, Sterling Silver, Q.A. English Silver Tankard, .985, ca. 1713, by Edward Yorke, Fully Chased incl. handle & lid, lid has Fox Finial, Illustrating A Fox Hunt in progress, 38 Troy ounces, Crosby & Morse Silver Ladle/Strainer,12.5"long, S.Kirk Silver Tongs, Tiffany & Co. Shot Glass, Tiffany Silver shaker, Silver Flatware set, plus other Silver items, Aprox. 35 lots of Gold, Gold & Silver Coins, Incl. Australian Gold Coin,1915,w/18k Gold casing, 6 DWT., US $10.00 Gold Coin 1901, w/Gold Casing,  Silver dollars, Mercury & Roosevelt dimes, etc.  Assorted Jewelry, incl. 18k Gold Cross Pin/Pendant w/11 Mine Cut Diamonds, 18" 14k chain necklace, w/bracelet, 20" 10k necklace, other gold bracelets, Rings, etc. Silver Jewelry, incl. Silver Rabbit pin holding a 14k Carrot w/Ruby eye, 3 Cameo pins, etc. Pocket Watches: 18k Men's French Cylinder watch, marked w/a Circle & Cross on top, running condition, Argossi 14k Men's Pocket Watch, running condition   2 Ladie's Gold Pocket Watches, Nice Odd Fellows, Pocket watch, etc. Vintage Goldette, NY slide charm bracelet, assorted Gold jewelry, Great "Indian Head Casket Co." wooden sign (From Nashua, NH), 3 Indian clubs, All kinds of quality collectibles & smalls incl. C.I. Door stops, Glass & China: RS Prussia china, 4 Pickle Castors,   Art pottery, Pair of Rookwood vases, Rare Nonconnah Matt green vase # 151, 9.5" Hi. w/bulbous base, by Walter B. Stephen of Pisgah Forest Fame, Hampshire pottery, 3 pcs. of Spongeware, Lg. Yelloware Kitchen bowl w/Moss dec.3 pc. Blown & cut glass Decanters, w/fancy S.P.tray, Game boards, Early Chestnut bottles, Greeley's Bourbon whiskey Bitters etc. Toys: Marx Bubble Blowing Popeye, Lil Abner & the Dog Patch band, Early straw filled Steiff Bear, 2 other older Teddy Bears, other toys, Scientific Instrument: Negretti & Zambra Barograh Barometer, ca. 1920, working cond. Furn. Victorian walnut Captain's Davenport desk, Carved Oak Arm Chair w/Griffing's, Walnut Victorian Cylinder Desk, Library swivel Bookcase's, French style Curio Cabinet, Guns, Winchester Mod.12 16 Ga.pump shotgun, Iver Johnson 12 ga. single, shotgun, 1940 Mauser Sporterized Rifle,30-06,Bird's Eye stock, C.E. Bryant Gunsmith, English Muzzle Loader shotgun, Perkins London, Banners, English over under Flintlock Pistol,(as found) Parker? Tear gas pen, (Holds a 38 special round) Smith & Weston 357 Magnum Texas Rangers Presentation Gun w/Matching knife,(Wood Presentation box, original packaging, Never Fired) Colt D.A. 38, 6 shot handgun, March 1905, J.P. Saver & Sohn, Suhl. 7.65 cal. Handgun w/clip, Savage 22 cal. pump, 12/25, 1905, Marlin 22 cal. lever Action, 3/1/1892, 2 H&R. Pistols, 32 cal. 5 shot, Vintage Billy clubs, Advertising: 2 Budweiser framed prints, "The Father  of Water" & "The Relief Train", Anti Smoking ad on silk, Very Colorful, Debolyn's Bev. tin sign, Carter Paterson & Co. Express Carrier, metal sign, Chocolate ad w/pretty girl, by Clinton Copeland Co., Singer Sewing Mach. metal calendar, Holdeast Boots, metal sign, Wahoo Indian Tonic, metal sign, Framed Oneeda Biscuit ad,  C.I. directional sign, "Milford" Inc. 1780, w/partial post mount, Public Telephone metal sign,  Wooden ax, 2 porcelain NH License plates, 1918, w/NH Beautiful Topper w/Old Man, Oak Machinist Chest, Early Drafting set in wood case, 16 draw oak tool chest, Early wooden tackle box w/dovetailed corners, Fancy Steamer trunk, "Genuine National vulcanized trunk fiber", Plus other items.

Our Next Winter Antique show & Flea market will be Sunday  Januay ,depending on weather!
       We will be open every Sunday until March.  7am to 11 am
                       Free  parking. Food available                
               Reservations required inside, tables supplied.
        2 booth sizes, 2 6'tables for $30.00 2 8' tables for $40.00.
Outdoor spaces are $20.00. We have a lot of room. No reservations required. First come first served. Bring your own tables. food available